Product Description

Lemon, argan, orange, strawberry.It is varied by the ones above. It is presented with roll on package with brilliant comfort Roll-on Gel Wax is produced by the First Class resins collected from the different areas in the World. It is an additive-free and completely natural wax type.It epilates even the shortest hair off its root by means of 100% resin based liposoluble wax; it is applied as thin and easy.It may be used conveniently in sensitive and easily irritable skins. It helps the skin to be renewed and freshened.Your hair becomes more sparse, thinner and softer by regular usage.
Method of use:
Heat up the product no more than 44 C.Should be applied on the waxing area with the same direction of your hair growth without pressing too hard. Smooth down the Esteder Waxing Paper on the same direction of your hair on top of the thin waxed layer. Holding skin tight with one hand, quickly pull strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth.For the under arms apply the product sevaral times using both vertical and horizantal strokes.For the perfect finish remove any residue and apply Soothing and Finishing Wet Wipes or Cleaning Oil